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At Paper Writing Help, we provide variety of guarantees to our customers along with authentic and custom-made papers. Therefore, whenever you obtain any writing service from us, we ensure delivering your order on time or within specified deadline since we know the value of time.

Specific Terms used in the Document

  • 'Company' refers to Paper Writing Help
  • 'Client' refers to an individual, individuals, company or enterprise making use of the goods and services provided by the Paper Writing Help
  • 'Goods' refers to all the papers and materials
  • 'Service' refers to all services provided by the company to its clients including writing, editing and proofreading and other requested
  • 'Visitors' refer to an individual, individuals, company or enterprise making visit to the website of the Paper Writing Help
  • 'Website' refers to paperhelp.education

Terms of Use

The following document is an expressed legal document that supervises the terms of use implied in every transaction between company and clients or company and visitors of our website. It should be noted that the stated terms bind them with respect to the materials and papers provided, writing services delivered, and advisory support offered.

Acceptance of Terms of Use

An order is only deemed to be accepted by the company when a statement of acceptance is sent to the client after receiving the order. The agreement will only hold to be applicable after buyer receives a charge for payment by the company. After receiving the invoice, client should completely check all the specifications and should keep the copy of details for their order with them.

Terms for Material and Payment

The company can practice its right to refuse dealing with any type of sources that are considered as unlawful, inappropriate and hold unsociable objectives, represent aggression or targeting. Moreover, terms of payment refer to order prices excluding VAT (value added tax) and every time when an extension is required in the assigned work, it will be considered as a new order and the company holds the authority to accept or reject the commencement of extended work.


The document expresses the acceptance of client to hold all the risks connected with the usage of goods and services of company. The clients also give consent for the protection of company from any or all damages, demands, liabilities and costs.

Copyrighted Material

The company does not permit any one to use its content without any prior permission as all the materials on the website are copyrighted. However, the copyright related to orders will be transferred to our clients on the final payment.

Disclaimer to Hold any Liability and Warranty

The company states that its website and its contents are complete and authentic with respect to its operations, yet it does not give any warranty that these will be error-free. Company will frequently update all its contents according to changing needs but it cannot assure that all the material in the website are always new and comprehensive.